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Hair Transplant in Punjab

  Hair Transplant in Punjab(Patiala) – India VHCA offers the Best Hair Transplant in Punjab, FUE or FUT or Body Hair Transplantation at Affordable Rates. We provide best hair transplant in Delhi, Patiala, Chandigarh, Punjab, Haryana –...


5 Side Effects Of Hair Colour

Having seen your favorite star on the silver screen with shining colorful hair it is tempting to have a look like them. It can be enthralling to see yourself admired and get the attention of your kith and kin but the craze of having golden, silver, purple...


How to treat damaged hair

How to treat damaged hair  Having less hair is a major problem but having damaged hair is also a problem with grave concern. We don’t look so attractive and pleasing even if we have a lot of hair. Damaged hair look brittle, dry, frizzy, dull and dr...


Hair Clinic in Bhiwadi

Hair loss can prove to be distress as there are number of people who feel deprived of the attention and respect as they deserve and once the scalp becomes bald, it is hard to bring back the lost strands.The only solution to the problem is hair transplant....

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