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VHCA Ayurveda makes a perfect combination of herbs with the name Endocure to treat female hormonal imbalance and its related disorders.

• Endocure Tablet improve female hormonal imabalnce.
• Endocure Tablet help in amenorrhea, dysamenorrhea etc.
• Endocure Tablet is very useful in menopausal condition.
• Endocure Tablet useful in infertility.
• Endocure Tablet make strong to utrus.
• Endocure Tablet useful in leucchorea.
• Endocure Tablet useful in PCOD & PID.
• Endocure Tablet useful in Thyroid.



Each Tablets Contains extract of :

Saraca asoca 50 mg

Withania somnifera 50 mg

Berberis aristata 50 mg

Bauhinia variegata 50 mg

Zingiber officinale 50 mg

Piper iongum 50 mg

Piper nigrum 50 mg

Terminalia chebula 50 mg

Emblica officinals 50 mg

DOSAGE 1 to 2 tablet twice a day

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