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Hairs that cover the scalp play many biologic functions like protection from the sun and excessive heat or cold, and dispersal of sweat and related impurities. They also have psychological importance in our society and remain an important cosmetic asset. The most common hair disorder is alopecia (premature or excessive hair loss), which mostly occur as patterned loss of scalp-hair in genetically vulnerable men and women. Though alopecia is not a debilitating disorder, but it can have a negative impact on the confidence and may cause emotional stress to those who suffer. The condition gets aggravated due to everyday anxiety and stress of modern lifestyle. Thus, mitigating stress and anxiety of everyday life is key in treating the hair loss problems. Synthetic drugs like anti-androgens (progesterone, spironolactone, flutamide, finasteride, cimetidine, etc.) and hair-growth stimulators (superoxide dismutase) could be beneficial but are associated with several side effects. Thus, a natural therapy providing nutrition to the hairs, combating stress, and not causing any adverse effects, could be ideal for treating hair-loss disorders. Natural herbs such as Brahmi, Lavender, JatamansiShankhpushpi and Almond (Badam) have been known to promote hair growth and possess antidandruff activity since ages.

VHCA Ayurveda is well known for developing excellent hair care products and has been running Hair Clinic chain with the name– VHCA Hair Clinic. VHCA research team has designed various natural products for hair and body care. Hair-Gro Granules is one of the research-based products formulated by VHCA team. It contains extracts of various herbs selected based on their proven efficacy in various clinical research studies. Hair-Gro Granules promotes hair growth naturally and is useful in both diffuse and pattern hair loss. It helps in combating anxiety, regulates hormone levels, detoxifies various toxins, thereby preventing premature greying of hair, and hair loss.

Dosage: 1-2 teaspoon with warm milk before breakfast or before dinner or as directed by the treating physician.


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