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Tricho Capsules




Almost every one are suffer from in hair related problem.where it is hair fall pattern hair loss,premature greying etc to know this thing VHCA Ayurveda focused on hair related problems and found their solution in many ways. Tricho Capsules is also one of the good medicine about hair treatment.

• Tricho Capsules prevent hiar fall.
• Tricho Capsules work in all conditions of hair fall diffuse as well as pattern.
• Tricho Capsules provide proper supplement to hair root.
• Tricho Capsules make hair strong to the hair follicle.



Emblica officinalis 71 mg
Glycyrrhiza glabra 71 mg
Eclipta elba 71 mg
Lauh Bhasm 71 mg
Godanti bhasm 71 mg
Bang bhasm 71 mg
Abhrak bhasm 71 mg

DOSE –  1 Capsule daily at bed time or as directed by the physician.


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